Making It Easier

We built our website from the ground up to make buying perfume easy.

Everything from the way we categorize our products, to the description of each fragrance, has been done with simplicity in mind.

We're making it easier to buy perfume | My Perfume Shop
We're making it faster to buy perfume | My Perfume Shop

Making It Faster

You shouldn't have to wait for your perfume. That's why we've designed our packing operations using robots.

Every order is packed and ready to ship within 2 hours. Your order is then collected by Australia Post and starts its journey to you.

You'll also never pay for shipping, ever.

Making It More Affordable

Here's the dirty secret.

Department stores and flagship retailers (who we can't name for legal reasons) have been getting away with huge profit margins on perfumes for years.

We source our stock from the very same distributors as they do, except we charge a fair, modest markup.

This means you can get your same favourite fragrances, at a much more affordable price.

We're making it more affordable to buy perfume | My Perfume Shop