Tom Ford Private Label Collection Set


The Tom Ford Private Label Set is a beautiful collection of six 12ml fragrances by Tom Ford allows you to wear each scent on its own or mix and match to find a scent that's unique to you.

The set contains the following exclusive fragrances, each individually packaged in 12ml bottles:

  • Jasmine Rouge
  • Neroli Portofino
  • Tuscan Leather
  • Oud Wood
  • Tobacco Vanille
  • Noir De Noir

Personal. Scent. Laboratory.

Six fragrances from Tom Ford's personal scent laboratory: Jasmine Rouge, Neroli Portofino, Tuscan Leather, Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, and Noir De Noir.

Six fragrances from Tom Ford's personal scent laboratory.

On clean skin, spray fragrance once or twice on desired areas. Do not rub the fragrance on skin, as this will alter how the fragrance develops.

“Private Blend is my own personal scent laboratory…where I create special, original fragrances unconstrained by the conventions of mainstream scent-making.” – TOM FORD

Bottle inspiration: The sleek architectural look of a chess piece.

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Jasmin Rouge

Jasmin Rouge unveils the flower‘s erotic decadence.

A perfume with an unexpected and voluptuous blend of precious sambac jasmine sepals absolute, dusk clary sage, and spices, including black and white peppercorn.

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Neroli Portofino

Neroli Portofino conjures cool breezes, sparkling water, and lush foliage through crisp citrus oils, floral notes, and amber undertones.

Splashy yet substantive, this perfume is a vibrant reinvention of a classic eau de cologne. It‘s TOM FORD‘s homage to the Italian Riviera.

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Tuscan Leather

Tuscan Leather merges primal leather with night-blooming jasmine and black suede for a distinctive spin: a perfume that is raw yet refined, sensual yet sophisticated.

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Oud Wood

A composition of exotic, smoky woods including rare oud, sandalwood, rosewood, eastern spices, and sensual amber—revealing oud‘s rich and compelling power.

Smoky, incense-filled temples and a passion for rare, precious oud wood inspire TOM FORD‘s pioneering composition of exotic woods and spices.

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Tobacco Vanille

TOM FORD reinvents classic tobacco with creamy tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet wood sap for a modern, opulent, and heady impression of confidence and power.

"Tobacco Vanille is opulent, warm, and iconic. Reminiscent of an English gentleman‘s club and blended with rich spices, vanilla, and tobacco flower, it leaves a powerful impression."—Tom Ford

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Noir De Noir

Noir de Noir is TOM FORD‘s compellingly dark portrait of feminine-masculine duality where rich, feminine florals collide with the masculine earthiness of black truffle, vanilla, patchouli, and oud wood.

The warm and sensual gourmand fragrance is the essence of yin‘s dance with yang.

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